The purpose of Project Phoenix is to have a place where the older and younger generations can truly connect and learn from one another.

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Our Events

Project Phoenix events are the place where the generations connect, share their stories, their hopes and dreams, and challenges within a safe, embracing atmosphere.

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Project Phoenix projects are the natural expression of finding people with common interests and ideas and working together to create opportunities to serve the community.

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Since 1993

Our Aim

What kind of community would you like to live in?  Prosperous and successful.  Yes, but everybody wants that.  What about life-affirming, supportive, optimistic about the future, a place for families to flourish and nurture each other.  Is such a thing really possible?  How could we create that?  How can we actually create a space that allows us to make such dreams into realities?

Cheon Il Guk means two becomes one. It’s the place where people can share openly and honestly; where we can all experience not only being listened to, but being heard. It is, simply, the place that we cross the barriers between us and the spirit and love of God rushes in.

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We are a group of passionate volunteers. Your contribution can help keep Project Phoenix alive.