Empowering Intergenerational Partnerships

Our program gives communities the opportunity for real intergenerational connection. We create an environment that allows individuals to share their hearts openly and feel truly heard, producing reconciliation and building a bridge between generations.

Who We Are

In January 2016, a group of younger and older Unificationists met in Phoenix, Arizona  to create and plan a relevant and timely educational experience. We quickly realized there was a big gap in our experiences and expectations. We spent the next few days listening to one another with open minds and hearts. As we shared we identified how wrong our assumptions about each other were. As we shared we really connected. It became clear that the reason we came together was to share this experience with others. 

We realized that the program we needed to create was one that enabled people to experience this intergenerational partnership that we were forging. We spent the next three months creating a program to allow a large group to experience what we had experienced in the living room of Mark and Lucia Anderson. Project Phoenix was born.


Listening with an Open Heart

Listening begins with slowing down and opening your heart to the other person. We use exercises to train participants how to do this. When you listen with reverence for the other, sharing becomes deep and profound.

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Understanding Intergenerational Perspectives

Parents have a lot of expectations for their children. Children have a lot of expectations and sometimes unmet needs from their parents. We honor these, yet focus on letting both elders and youngers share their experience. For many it leads to deep insights into the other generation.

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Relationships and Community

The skills we gain in Project Phoenix impact the quality of all our relationships. We see that small changes can have big impacts in the way people connect and relate. They change the relationship environment.

"Spend a weekend learning about yourself and others; how to effectively communicate, share love, create community and deepen meaningful relationships, together, for our futures."

"Project Phoenix is an essential organization for the healthy development of families and communities nationwide. As an alumni of three Project Phoenix trainings, I regularly use the skills, distinctions and insights gained through their education to minister to my community.  Specifically, communication and listening skills are critical in ministry and Project Phoenix helped me, as well as hundreds of others, hone these tools for effective relationship building.  I’m very grateful to the Project Phoenix team for inviting a deeper love, trust and intimacy into our marriages, families and communities."



"To put it in one sentence, I was emotionally moved. Although I really did not want to become emotional, I had to. Project Phoenix taught me about listening. So I let myself listen to what I am feeling and what I am thinking. When I did that it brought tears to my eyes. Like "oh, I am connecting with people." I really appreciated how to ACTUALLY listen, and when I implemented that, I understood more."

"All you will risk is the armor surrounding you. You will experience love, acceptance and might be able to make a new start and truly go deeper "

"You might be able to relieve your heart of heavy baggage you carry around with you if you are open for it and you will learn to look into your heart and connect to people on a different level. "

"It is about uncovering what is core in life and creating a sacred space for love and truth to be expressed. "

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Invite Project Phoenix to your local community