About Us

Our Mission

"Project Phoenix enhances connection, collaboration and the experience of God within the Unification community through creating intergenerational partnerships"

Vision Statements

To positively transform relationships among Unificationists around the world.

To create a personal and familial experience of connection, appreciation, fulfillment and joy.

To be in continued excellence in our growth, training and financial sustainability.

To be in high demand for delivering outstanding experiences and acting as a catalyst for lasting change in individuals, families and communities.

Our Story

The Origin of Project Phoenix

In January 2016, a group of younger and older Unificationists met in Phoenix, Arizona  to create and plan a relevant and timely educational experience. We quickly realized there was a big gap in our experiences and expectations. We spent the next few days listening to one another with open minds and hearts. As we shared we identified how wrong our assumptions about each other were. As we shared we really connected. It became clear that the reason we came together was to share this experience with others. 

We realized that the program we needed to create was one that enabled people to experience this intergenerational partnership that we were forging. We spent the next three months creating a program to allow a large group to experience what we had experienced in the living room of Mark and Lucia Anderson. Project Phoenix was born.

Meet the Team

From across the country and generations, we work together to bring Project Phoenix to your community.


Mark Anderson - Executive Director


Virginia Orman - Events, Newsletter & Donor Care


Sarah Oben - Website Coordinator

Carla headshot

Carla Ferreira - Tech & Media Advisor

David Burgess

Dr. Burgess - Strategic Planning Director


Sunder Willet - Operations

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