Safe Conversations

Conversations have the power to change the brain

The practice of Safe ConversationsĀ® integrates the three brain lobes and balances the two brain hemispheres making it possible for people to talk without criticism, listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences. This creates a safer world where everyone thrives.



The Family is celebrated with the focus on authentic relationships and unconditional love. Disorders and addictions are addressed through teaching parents personal responsibility starting with their own unresolved issues, addressing attachment dysfunction and learning new skills.


Generational Healing trains professionals in a unique two-day Family Healing Session (FHS). This protocol is proven to be one of the most advanced and effective breakthrough healing tools. It helps resolve longstanding generational issues targeting the lack of intimacy within the family. Details about the training can be found here.

Real Love by Greg Baer

"Why do most of us search our entire lives for loving and happy relationships but rarely find them? What is the 'secret something' that all relationships need in order to thrive? Dr. Greg Baer found the answers to these questions while working with thousands of individuals and couples. In Real Love, he shares his enlightening and practical blueprint for creating successful relationships and reveals the secret to finding and keeping what he calls 'Real Love.'"

Real Love by Greg Baer


"A deep coming together of the generations centered on making a difference in our personal lives, our families and the nation.Ā  A new beginning for our movement in America. You can't miss this!"

"This is what you have probably been looking for."